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Kevin M. Hermes, M.A.

My first collegiate teaching experience took place during my undergraduate senior year. I was extended an invitation to work with Harvard University Professor and Historian Robert Allison as a teaching assistant grader. Working with students at Harvard University’s Evening Division, I graded papers for the year-long course, American Constitutional History.

I began my law enforcement career in 1987, at the age of 24, as a reserve police officer in my hometown just south of Boston. Having the itch for big city policing, I tested for the New York City Police Department and the Chicago Police Department. I was hired by Chicago PD in 1998. In 2000, I accepted the position of police officer with an immediate suburb of Chicago, Bensenville PD. While with the Bensenville Police Department, I was fortunate to experience the following assignments: uniform patrol division, plainclothes tactical team (focusing on gang and drug activity), field training officer, field training officer program commander, taser instructor, eventually promoted to police sergeant assigned to the patrol division for 15 years.  

After earning a graduate degree in criminal justice, I earned the position of online adjunct instructor with Southern New Hampshire University. I was fortunate to gain invaluable training and experience in the online environment among a program that blossomed from local infancy to a worldwide stage. 

I would not be honest with you if I claimed each day of my entire 31-year policing career was a wonderful experience; many days were not. There is much tragedy, heartache, frustration, anger, and bewilderment. Equally so, there is much reward and satisfaction when helping others in dire need. If you so choose to serve within our criminal justice system always remember, if you help just one person over the course of a career, all your hard work will have been well worthy of your efforts. If I had an opportunity to do it all over again, I would not hesitate.



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