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Fall Semester 2018

March 2018

  • Prior to beginning as full-time faculty, I was hired as a part-time adjunct instructor and participated in first Explore IVCC event with admissions


June 2018

  • Organized all criminal justice faculty meeting: introductions, plans and insight for the future


July 2018

  • Created new Criminal Justice Facebook page

August 2018

CRJ Program Goals

To inspire and develop well-educated criminal justice practitioners through a foundation of varied theoretical academic disciplines, coupled with steadfast and evolving empirical knowledge, that will build upon the college’s core values of responsibility, caring, honesty, fairness, and respect.

To elevate students to the highest level of sensitivity toward the ills of society, while realizing the human equation in every aspect of the criminal justice system, to include ethical standards beyond reproach and respect for all persons served, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or social class.

To cultivate an environment that develops a deeper understanding of social issues through theoretical and practical approaches that will ignite creative and critical thinking.

To produce future criminal justice professionals that will never cease self-reflection and exploration within their chosen professions in order to continuously evolve the criminal justice system and process for the betterment of all humankind.

  • Contributed published text to library, Politics and American Policing: The Protect and to Serve Travesty

  • Worked with Librarian Kathy Hart to create the first Criminal Justice Research Guide page within the library

  • Worked with Carey Burns to make changes to CJ website on college website

  • Worked with bookstore to develop new criminal justice T-shirt

  • Met with CJA president to discuss future CJA events

  • Completed new CRJ Flyer

  • Created a Google Doc for adjuncts to view and sign-up for available courses

  • Obtained dedicated CRJ adjunct faculty office

  • Blended Blackboard with CRJ courses during first semester: Intro to CJ, Crim Inv., Issues in CJ

  • Created proposal to cease Forensics program. Program deactivation approved Sept 10, 2018

  • Changed all CRJ textbooks to one publisher, Pearson, providng a plethora of instructor resources

  • Approval for online Intro to CJ course received for Summer 2019 launch -  Approved Oct 1, 2018

  • Major changes developed to improve and update CRJ curriculum to include proper course sequence, while adopting psychology and sociology as essential components of the criminal justice program

  • Met with Pearson sales rep regarding complete change over to all Pearson texts and online resources

September 2018

  • Hired new adjunct faculty member, Ben Atkinson to begin spring 2019

  • Created new IVCC CJ Advisory Committee - 9 members. All confirmed

  • Changed FRS 1000 Forensic Science program to chemistry course, CRJ 1001 to be instructed by Dr. Matthew Johl

  • Met with prospective CRJ student currently in high school; student left stating, "you will see me in the fall." 


October 2018

  • Met with Fran Brolley regarding the making of a marketing video for the CJ program

  • Criminal Justice Research Guide in Library goes active

  • Met with Pearson Rep to discuss Revel Inclusive Access digital textbook for online access for summer 2019 Intro to CJ course

  • Conducted survey with area chiefs regarding the creation of police administration certificate and the availability of online courses, Very positive results for both. 80% to 100% 9/17 responses returned

  • Met with Counselor Jim M. and Dean Ron G to discuss in-depth curriculum changes to CRJ AAS degree and potential awarding of college credits for IL certified police officers

  • Discussed with Dr. Corcoran potential partnership with Illinois Valley Mobile Training as a host training site for local police officers

  • Introduced to administration a possible partnership with MTU Illinois Valley Crime Prevention Commission. Meeting to take place at IVCC and Directors of MTU, Bonnie Campbell and Ron Groleau

  • Attended College Night, October 23, 2018

  • Attended CJA kickball with a Cop at Hegeler Park, Lasalle, Saturday, Oct 27, 2018

  • Curriculum Committee - The entire CRJ program decreased to 60 credits

  • EMS mandate removed from CRJ program

  • Social Problems added as a core mandate

  • New prerequisites for Evidence and Criminal Procedure added

  • New Course, CRJ 2250 Ethics in Criminal Justice approved

  • New Course, CRJ 1251 Seminar: Drugs Across America

  • Internship program removed as mandated core course to better accommodate students who work and have families

  • Introduced to CJA membership the need to establish a constitution and by-laws as well as mission statement.

November 2018

  • Attended Explore IVCC

  • Invited to IVCC counselors’ meeting to offer complete overview of all CRJ AAS degree program changes upcoming for 2019

  • Meeting with Ottawa Center coordinator to discuss scheduling CRJ courses beginning fall 2019. Scheduled for fall 19, Ottawa Center, CRJ 1000-600 Intro to CJ, Mon/Wed 230-345 PM

  • Bureau County Republican Living Magazine advertisement offered by IVCC Community Relations and Development Office promoting our new and online CRJ courses

  • CJA membership approved mission statement:


The Illinois Valley Community College Criminal Justice Association shall provide all interested students the opportunity to explore the criminal justice profession through activities that build an in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system through establishing camaraderie, ethical standards beyond reproach and that all voices are equal. Diversity of all persons and perspectives shall be supported through unquestionable respect and humanitarian efforts that promote the mission of the CJA within the IVCC community as well as our communities served. 

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