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“Simply stated, this was an outstanding first evaluation. It is refreshing to see material considered and presented effectively outside of the traditional lecture environment. This does not happen by chance. This happens because of hard work and excellent preparation on the part of the instructor.

Thank you for a job so very well done. You are off to a great start and I look forward to the next classroom evaluation.”

Dean R. Groleau

Observation August 30, 2018, Introduction to Criminal Justice

“Mr. Hermes arrived early and began class on time. He reviewed upcoming assignments and demonstrated how to submit them to the course’s Blackboard site. He also demonstrated how to use the Criminal Justice library research guide when doing research for their criminal justice classes. The class then divided into two teams to play jeopardy with content related to material they had covered for the period. The was lively, and students were engaged in the competition throughout the observation period. The game served as an excellent formative assessment for the students and demonstrated concretely what they did and didn’t know about the day’s content.”  

Dr. D. Anderson

Observation, October 11, 2018, Introduction to Criminal Justice

“Congratulations on another very good session. Even though you are just getting started at IVCC, you appear to be a seasoned, veteran instructor. This is because of your hard work and your dedication to your teaching. The many hours you are investing into your craft on behalf of your students is noted here by your dean. In addition to your effective teaching techniques, I would like to highlight your willingness to take the extra step to help your students. An example of this was observed when you took some time to help students understand the basics of APA format for their class paper. I commend you for this type of effort.

You are off to a great start after only one semester. I look forward to our continued working relationship in the Spring 2019 semester.”

Dean R. Groleau

Observation December 11, 2018, Introduction to Criminal Justice

“It may seem unusual to do an evaluation on the first day of class, but this day is just as important as any other during the semester. Kevin set the stage for letting students know that he will be prepared for each class. His syllabus and comments clearly laid out appropriate student expectations. Students also observed that they have an instructor who clearly enjoys what he does. Kevin creates a welcoming classroom environment in which students are free to share thoughts, ask questions and actively participate. I would like to highlight Kevin's unique sense of humor; it is great. He not only entertains the students but himself as well. Students learned in this first class that this course was going to a good one with a very good instructor who thoroughly enjoys what he does.”

Dean R. Groleau

Observation January 10, 2019, Corrections in America

“Mr. Hermes arrived early and began class on time. He began with a pop quiz on material related to Ch. four. Mr. Hermes introduced discussion questions of the case State  of Florida v. James. Mr. Hermes expertly used Socratic questioning such as, What are the facts of the case? Mr. Hermes expertly used Socratic questioning to guide students through the case itself, the content of the decision, and a discussion of the implications of the decision. He ended by polling the students for a jury decision of their own before revealing the decision of the actual jury ( the two decision mirrored one another).

Mr. Hermes has a calm demeanor and confident in presence. He exhibited an excellent rapport with his students who were eager to participate in the discussion. He also held them accountable for their responses, asking for reasons and evidence from the case study to support their conclusions. Students were well-prepared and able to also use examples from their own experiences to support their responses Overall, is was a lively and intelligent discussion, expertly facilitated by Mr. Hermes.”

Dr. D. Anderson

Observation, February 14, 2019, Criminal Law

“Congratulations on another very good classroom session. As I have mentioned before, it is clear that you enjoy your work as a college professor. You lecture with a smile on your face, engage students in their learning, and create a fun environment. All of this happens because of your passion and strong work ethic. It is no coincidence that enrollment in the criminal justice program is solid and growing. In addition to the classroom, your work with the CRJ student organization, curriculum development including the creation of on-line courses, and outside stakeholders in the CRJ community is noted. Thank you...IVCC and our CRJ students are benefiting greatly from your leadership.”

Dean R. Groleau

Observation August 27, 2019, Introduction to Criminal Justice

“Mr. Hermes arrived early and began class on time. Discussion topics were outlined on the white board at the start of class and the discussion followed the outline. Mr. Hermes used Socratic questions to initiate his discussion and relied on student resposes to advance the discussion from topic to topic. Notably, all students participated in the discussion, including asking questions as they arose. Mr. Hermes summarized and emphasized main points and used a combination of experiential anecdoes and elucidation of judicial decisions to support those points.


Mr. Hermes has a calm demeanor in the classroom and exhibits and excellent rapport with his students. They were eager to participate in discussion and unafraid to ask questions. His experience as a police officer is evident in his presentation and reinforces the theoretical and legal background inherent in his material.

Dr. D. Anderson

Observation, October 10, 2019, Evidence & Criminal Procedure

“Mr. Hermes provided a tour of the content of the Blackboard course, including a sample learning module. The entire course is planned in advance and released to students in weekly implements through the weekly content folders. The material is highly organized and integrated, as Mr. Hermes believes “more is better online.” He creates a sense of community through the repetition of structure. Each week has announcements, assignments, and discussion boards. An exam is completed each Sunday. Mr. Hermes responds to every post in the discussion board, believing this module to be the heart and soul of the online course. Mr. Hermes development of online materials is excellent. He is able to provide both a communal and interactive experience in this environment. His commitment to the integration of material helps provide that sense of community that some may argue can’t exist in the online class. Mr. Hermes’ example demonstrates otherwise."

Dr. D. Anderson

Observation, September 15, 2020, Evidence & Criminal Procedure

“It has been a pleasure to observe your instructional techniques over the past two and one half years. I have enjoyed your in class interaction with your students. They are actively engaged in the learning process. It is amazing to watch you recreate this engagement in your on-line courses. Your strong work ethic is noted. One does not achieve this level of instruction without putting in a great deal of time toward development and continual improvement. Your excellence has been developed over a period of years. Thank you for your excellent efforts with your students. This is noted in your professional interactions with them, both inside and outside of the classroom. Your work with the CRJ student organization is wonderful and noted here. I would also like to highlight your leadership with the CRJ adjunct faculty. The guidance, communication, and leadership you provide is outstanding. A sincere thank is presented here for the many positive attributes you have brought to the CRJ program and to Illinois Valley Community College. I will be my distinct pleasure to recommend you for tenure at the February 2021 Board of Trustees meeting.”

Dean R. Groleau

Observation October 21, 2020, Evidence & Criminal Procedure

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