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Student Feedback

CRJ 2010 Criminal Investigations

"He is hands on...we did a reenactment of a crime scene and a court case."

"His background in the subject make the material make sense and into real world aspects."

CRJ 1000 Intro to Criminal Justice

"I like how he [Mr. Hermes] tries to get everyone involved and works hard to make a work environment that is comfortable for everyone."

"It [the course] is very informative on how this career works, interesting class and very hands on, always uses class interaction."

"We get a lot of positive feedback from the instructor, he is always willing to help a struggling student."

CRJ 1000 Intro to Criminal Justice

"Kevin offers a very realistic view point in the material that only someone with experience in the field would know."

"Kevin always encourages questions about any assignment or material we learn."


"I strongly recommend Kevin’s idea for a mock courtroom to benefit all majors that could be involved...Kevin has our interests in mind, as a student, I greatly appreciate it."


"I learned extremely well during this course. The professor meets all my needs for learning correctly."

CRJ 2050 Issues in Criminal Justice

"I think Instructor Hermes does a good job at offering content to help the class be successful in this course."


 "There is not a single thing that stands out in my way of being successful in this course. Everything is very informational  and eye-opening to the field I want to go into."


 "I’d have to say our teacher gives 100% of his time and attention to you when needed...he’s always working on making sure you understand and get the most out of what he’s teaching."

CRJ 2050 Issues in Criminal Justice

"Kevin is very explanatory and works well with students. Favorite teacher I ever had."


"The course is very well put together and gives me a clear understanding of issues in the criminal justice system."


"The teacher for this course goes above and beyond for his students so you do succeed."

CRJ 1000 Intro to Criminal Justice (First online course - Summer 2019)

"I just wanted to send you an email and to let you know that I have really enjoyed this class thus far. From a student that will read for assignments but never "enjoys reading," I actually enjoy and look forward to reading the chapters for this class each week. Even though it is online, I am still able to interact with the other students and you in this class to get a better understanding and other viewpoints on the various topics we discuss."

"I just wanted to say thank you for leaving that kind note on my paper under the grades section. I will definitely keep an open mind and continue to push myself to be the best I can. I really enjoyed this class and I am looking forward to the forensic and criminal justice classes I will be taking this year. "


"I learned so much from the material, the videos have been super interesting, and I like the size of the class for our DBs.  Hopefully I can take another one of your classes in the future!  You have been super supportive and I can tell you really want your students to succeed!!!  Thank you! "

CRJ 1000 Intro to Criminal Justice (First online course - Summer 2019)

"After finishing this course I am extremely grateful that I chose to take it, it gave me a ton of knowledge I did my previously have before taking this class. The big thing I learned was basically how many laws and rights of citizens in terms of legal cases and their rights to be a fair trial came to be throughout the history of the American justice system. This class was for me to put my “foot in the door” to try to gain some clarity on if minoring in criminal justice is the right decision for me and making it such a big part of my future career goals and after this class I can say I do feel like I made the right decision. I really liked how hands on the professor was even though it was an online class you offered extensive tips and help for anything that was asked from us, we were never left trying to figure it out on our own, especially with the paper due to myself never having to write a paper in APA format before."

Student thank you after writing scholarship recommendation 

"Kevin, I can't begin to express my gratitude towards you. You truly are a great mentor and instructor. I hope you received a lot of good feedback from the surveys last year when we had to fill them out, because I spoke highly of you as well. You are a great teacher and inspiration, also my son loves hearing your stories i share at dinner.  Once again, thank you for believing in me enough to put your name and reputation on the line."

Comment from counselor as related by student

"I have heard this a number of times from various students, but wanted to take a second to give you a shout-out… I just met with a student who raved about your class, saying it is your enthusiasm, knowledge of the field, and genuine concern for your students that has inspired her to work toward a career in the criminal justice field. She’s not sure what area yet, but credits you with lighting the fire. Thanks for all you do for the students – we’re lucky to have you here!"

Missy Killian, Counselor, IVCC

CRJ 2040 Criminology (Unsolicited student email) 

"Thank you so much for the powerpoint grade. I  overthought the whole thing and prayed I delivered what you were expecting! Seeing your message really gave me a confidence boost to not over think and to follow my instincts! Just wanted to say thank you for being a great instructor and always being here for your students!"

CRJ 2250 Ethics in Criminal Justice student

(Unsolicited student email)

"I just wanted to thank you for being such an amazing teacher and being the best teacher I’ve ever had in college, you made class more fun and I always had a lot of fun learning in your classes."

CRJ 2020 Criminal Law (Online - Spring 2020)

"From this course, I have gained so much knowledge in Criminal Law and the justice system. In fact, I am even more interested in taking my career path down the Criminal Justice/Law fields. The chapters I felt I was really interested in were 7, 8, and 9. What else I have learned from this particular course is that law takes lots of reading, frustration, dedication, and understanding. I especially enjoy your CRJ courses because you make us feel very involved and you share your personal experiences as an officer which makes a huge difference in the class. I would say my understanding of the material each week improves tremendously because you require us to cite the source behind our arguments in the Discussion Board postings. This opens up my mind when it comes to reasoning and why I feel the way I do about an argument. Your feedback on my grades always helps me improve on future learning material, I greatly appreciate seeing your kind and encouraging words! I look forward to taking more of your courses throughout the 2020-2021 year. Thank you so much for making this class the best it can be."

CRJ 2020 Criminal Law (Online - Spring 2020)

"When I signed up for this class I knew I would have to be more analytical and be more insightful of all of the laws and different concepts I would be learning. This course was everything and more, and helped me comprehend and tie in together the different definitions and situational examples to the real world. I learned a lot about the more in depth versions of our laws and how to attach them to crimes and really understand the concepts as a whole. My outlook on these laws has not changed a bit, more than most I agree with and support. Undoubtedly another great class provided and instructed by you! I wish every criminal justice student in the world had the opportunity to have you as a professor. It is so effortless to learn from you and your experiences and all of your positive advice to keep striving to be the best version of a police officer you can be. Can't wait to see where this all takes me. Thank you so much Kevin for another/my final year of criminal justice education. I will miss you!"

CRJ 2250 Ethics in Criminal Justice

(Unsolicited student email)

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything this past year. I never enjoyed school until this year. I got in some pretty serious trouble the other year and wanted nothing to do with school anymore. Changed my major, hated that and decided to just get done with criminal justice. But after having you for classes this past year I am beyond grateful I changed back to criminal justice. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be a cop or want to be, but I just want to tell you thank you so much for making school beyond enjoyable for me. I’ve never had good grades but this past semester I finished with 4 A’s and a B+. My parents are extremely proud of me and I owe that because of you. You motivated me to get my work done and go to class. I don’t know what your plans are in the future but you are the best teacher I have ever had and I know you will have the same effect on other students as you did me. Thank you again, and God bless."

CRJ 2250 Ethics in Criminal Justice

(Unsolicited student email)

"Thank you for all that you have taught me and everyone else in the course of the past two years at IVCC. I will take your teaching with me wherever I may end up, and I truly appreciate your insight into the career of law enforcement. I learned a lot from you that will stick with me in my future endeavors. Just wanted to let you know the impact you made on me, Look forward to hearing from you in the future. Thank you."

CRJ 1000 Intro to Criminal Justice (Online - Spring 2020 - Survey comments)

"The instructor continuously reminds us that we can come to him for questions."

"My efforts, at first, were low. I didn't know what to expect from the class. The instructor noticed and decided to email me. Since then I have been committed to giving 100%."

"The instructor is very organized by letting us know each assignment for the week, whether in weekly class folders or the announcement tab."

CRJ 1000 (Online - Summer 2020)

"I believe that I was able to gain a more precise knowledge of the criminal justice system.  I learned more about the court system then I ever dreamed and a more precise knowledge of the workings of our federal law enforcement agencies.  However, the most important thing I gained from this course was the knowledge that I am on the right path. The only question on my mind now is which law enforcement agency will be the best fit for me. Thank You!!!"

CRJ 1070 Corrections in America (Online - Summer 2020 - Unsolicited student email)

"I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Corrections In America class.  I will be taking the Evidence and Criminal Processing class in October and look forward to that one also. Thanks for being such a great teacher.  Look forward to learning with you again in October."

CRJ 1000 (Online - Fall 2020)

"Wow, amazing. This course was very speedy in my opinion; however, I definitely found interest in this course. I'm still unclear of the direct career I'm going to pursue, but I have plenty of time to decide. I learned a lot of new things and I am excited to continue my journey. Criminal justice is still in my top favorite, I'm just not sure what other careers I should explore... This was a very informative class and Kevin you are a very good professor. Thank you for quick responses with very careful feedback. You must really care about your job and students and I thank you for that. I hope to explore the criminal justice system a bit more before fully committing and speaking to a counselor a bit more. This will be a very exciting journey and thanks to you and this class; it will be a good one. Thanks so much, again; I'm happy to have passed this class."

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