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Self Evaluation

Discussion with Dean R. Groleau on Aug 31, 2018 regarding first teaching observation

Gained insight into additional avenues for classroom assessment and effectiveness.  


Discussion with VP Dr. D. Anderson on Nov 5, 2018

A very positive and encouraging discussion with Dr. Anderson regarding formative assessments, classroom participation, and the importance of leaving no voice behind.


Discussion with Dean R. Groleau on Dec 11, 2018

Dean Groleau offered tremendous feedback and discussion regarding my first full semester at IVCC. Many lessons learned within the classroom, such as developing a variety of assessments, student participation activities, and weighting of final grades.


Discussion with Dean R. Groleau on Feb 14, 2019

Dean Groleau once again offered tremendous insight, which provided a plethora of continued innovative possibilities toward improvement. Overall, Dean Groleau was exceptionally complimentary during our discussion as to the structure of the teaching environment provided within the classroom.

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