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Spring Semester 2019

January 2019

  • Developed new Criminal Justice Certificate Program, reduced to 36 credits. Cert parallels changes in Criminal Justice AAS degree program. Forwarded to Curriculum Committee

  • MTU Illinois Valley Crime Prevention Commission approved to hold courses on IVCC campus. To commence, November, 2019, 40 FTO course

  • Arranged CJA sponsored presentation by MADD regarding internship program. Feb 26, 2019, CTC 124; Guest speaker Frank Pancoe

  • New, finalized Criminal Justice Program flyer completed

  • Contacted Ottawa Center to arrange a CRJ public information session

  • Proposed to administration the acceptance of Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) for police academy grads for the courses of CRJ 2010 Criminal Investigation, CRJ 2020 Criminal Law, and CRJ 2030 Evidence and Criminal Procedure. This effort is designed to attract working police officers who have yet to complete a college degree and increase the non-traditional student enrollment.

March 2019

  • Attended Explore IVCC event - Criminal Justice Info Session

  • Facilitated and Presented at the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee event


Dean Ron Groleau’s comment regarding the advisory committee:

"Kevin, Once again I want to thank you for running an excellent advisory committee meeting.  Your organization, delivery, and encouragement of active participation by all present was wonderful to observe.  I would like to compliment you on the tremendous amount of work you have accomplished in your first year. It is impressive and has resulted in a modern CRJ program that has an exceptionally promising future.  And it is clear that more exciting additions are forthcoming! The enthusiasm displayed by the students present was infectious and due in great part to your leadership. You have been an excellent addition to the Natural Sciences and Business division.  It is my pleasure to serve as your dean."


Comment from Dr. J. Corcorcan

"Years ago a former board member once said that it often seems in life like the right people come together at just the right time and very good things happen and that sure is the case with you, Kevin. We are lucky to have you on the team and good things lie ahead for all of us, especially our students and the community that deserves a top-notch CRJ program. With you leading the charge, Ron and I both know that we’ll get there."

April 2019

  • Ottawa Center Satellite Facility: Presented Criminal Justice information session

  • Hiring Committee Member: Collection Development and Access Librarian, evaluate applicants, interview top three candidates

  • Began process to hire second new CRJ adjunct faculty member

  • Program granting nine (9) credit hours toward an IVCC degree or certificate to Certified Police Officers 


From Illinois Valley Community College’s Community Relations Office

Police officers will be granted nine credit hours toward an Illinois Valley Community College criminal justice degree or certificate, Criminal Justice Program Coordinator Kevin Hermes announced today.


Beginning this fall, State of Illinois-certified officers will be eligible for the credit hours, Hermes said.

Criminal Justice will host an Information Session 5:30 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 17 to discuss that program enhancement and other topics.

“We are pleased to recognize the education certified police officers have completed. These credits will bring them closer to completing their degree or certificate, advancing them in their current job or leading to another criminal justice field,” said Hermes.


The credits are for CRJ 2010 Criminal Investigation, CRJ 2020 Criminal Law, and one, three-credit elective option within a criminal justice program. To qualify, students must provide documentation showing completion of no less than 560 hours of basic police academy training from an Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board police academy. Documentation includes police academy transcript and a copy of the state of Illinois Peace Officer Certification.

Regarding the information session, Hermes said, “Current high school or IVCC students, potential students and police officers are all welcome to attend to learn about our program, the different fields within criminal justice and changes to the program. Criminal justice goes beyond the squad car. From court reporting to private security to community relations, there’s something for everyone to better serve the community,” he said.


May 2019

  • Created a Blackboard site for Criminal Justice Association for all members to participate and recruit

  • Created web-based IVCC Criminal Justice Agency Internship Report for host agencies to complete final internship evaluation on student intern via online. Form concise and easy to follow with drop-down menus and short answer

  • Academic side of internship now on Blackboard allowing students to focus on internship experience, rather than meeting once per week on campus

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